WordPress sites blocked by Google after malware attack

More than 100,000 WordPress websites have been infected with malware after attackers exploited a vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin called RevSlider. The attack turns the infected WordPress sites into unwilling distributors of yet more malware, this time aimed at Continue reading

Yahoo Prompting Chrome Users To “Upgrade” To Firefox

If you’re visiting any Yahoo property today, chances are you’ll see an “Upgrade to the new Firefox” link in the top-right corner of your browser window. The prompt also appears if you’re using Internet Explorer, Opera and even the new Yandex browser. However, the prompt is missing from Safari, Continue reading

Polaroid’s ‘Instagram Camera’ Now Available for Preorder

Polaroid, a company that’s synonymous with old-school instant cameras, is bringing its products into the social media age with thePolaroid Socialmatic. Now available for preorder through Amazon, the Socialmatic combines a classic instant camera with the ability to upload your photos Continue reading