Lenovo slipped ‘Superfish’ malware into laptops

Computer maker Lenovo has been shipping laptops prepackaged with malware that makes you more vulnerable to hackers — all for the sake of serving you advertisements. Made by a company called “Superfish,” the software is essentially an Internet browser add-on Continue reading

FCC adopts Net neutrality rules to ban Internet discrimination

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler greets commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel at the FCC Net Neutrality hearing in Washington Federal regulators moved forward on Thursday with a Net neutrality plan to protect openness on the Internet by treating Continue reading

5G Is Coming, and It Will Make Your Current Phone Seem Sluggish

Researchers at the University of Surrey in England have tested a record-breaking wireless data connection that blows away your smartphone’s 4G LTE speeds. According to the folks at the British technology site V3.co.uk, the new connection, which the researchers refer to Continue reading

Researcher Publishes 10 Million Usernames and Passwords for Academic Purposes

A security analyst and hacking author just published 10 million web usernames and passwords in the name of academic research. US-based network security expert Mark Burnett announced the news onhis blog on Monday. Burnett believes the data will help security researchers determine how people Continue reading

Samsung’s SmartTV Is ‘Spying’ on Your Personal Conversations

Samsung SmartTVs are listening in on what you’re saying. Samsung’s new SmartTV has a cool new voice-command feature. Unfortunately, writes the Daily Beast, this voice-command feature can also record everything you say, including personal conversations, and transmit it all to a third Continue reading